About Us

ImagineBeyond is a Berlin-based international team of specialists offering excellence in data, statistical analysis and business intelligence.

Our founder Philipp Hackländer brings 18 years of experience working as a management consultant for companies like L’ORÉAL, Roland Berger, Adidas, Reebok, Metro Group, Sephora…

A C-level manager, consultant or founder can often feel helpless when confronted with complicated IT buzzwords.

We are your sword to cut down complexity, implement only what is needed without huge project timelines and horribly big ERP projects: WE MAKE IT WORK!

We bring the right technologies and the best people together. Recruiting and training of your tech team happens parallelly if you need it. The results are customized state-of-the-art solutions in a cost efficient setting.

Philipp Hacklaender, CEO of ImagineBeyond data

“What does a typical project look like?”

Our projects usually face with problems such as:

Caused by a technology / data problem, management is usually in danger to miss important objectives that need to be achieved

Either nobody feels in charge, or it is difficult to say what causes the problem, but one thing is usually in common: The problem is not getting fixed by itself

IT timelines get prolonged and bad news come up frequently – all kinds of issues pop up and the original plan can’t be achieved any more, without any apparent reason that could not have been avoided in the first place

Technologies are not ready and important functionalities and analyses cannot be made (or require heavy manual work, ee.g. in excel instead of a proper analytics tool).

“What do you do differently to solve these problems?”

We are not here to invoke the “respect” that is used in our times so often to defend undefendable, almost religious positions and the old status quo – we work to overcome it. We are capable of doing politics, but you will not find big expense or dinner budgets on our side, instead, we enjoy what we are doing, we are fascinated by numbers and quantitative discoveries. We are even more excited when we can spot the problem and communicate it in ways that make uncomfortable truths resolvable. It’s not about finger-pointing or saying whose fault it is, it is about understanding patterns that lead to repeating problems and other patterns that make organizations incapable of solving their own problems. If we can overcome these, a great release of organizational energy and success follows.

In our experience, generating small, working prototypes is key, and then expanding from there. Minimum viable products and services are charming because they can be realized in short sprints and they have much lower complexity. We see what works (and what doesn’t). And we can quickly adapt. Also, the quantification is much easier. When small successes have been achieved, the next steps become easier.

Politics and individual’s tactics naturally exist everywhere, So our focus, instead of losing focus with endless alliance-building is on generating small successes that liberate further resources and “unlock” stalemates between departments. Budgets that are heavily disputed we like to avoid to generate our own project resources (read more about this on point 5)

Building and training your team: Initiatives of (well-paid) consultants fail, when they do not find fertile ground to continue growing inside of the companies. We have learnt from past failures and ask ourselves the question at the beginning of a project “Who is going to run this initiative when we are gone?” and make sure we help you to find someone dedicated with enough time and the required skills, that can be someone you recruit from us, an existing (usually exclusively dedicated team member from your side, or a new hire).”

When we focus our data initiatives correctly, they always achieve your financial goals. This has the nice side-effect, that there is little discussion about budgets and profitability. Coming from a very cost-conscious background, we are happy to start our projects with you with a quantification of the costs and benefits and adjust, until the project can carry itself – with positive (and, we work in analytics) measurable ROI.